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Welcome to the Oxford branch of
Engineers Without Borders (EWBOx)!

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Project Applications for 2023/24 will open in early MT.


Engineers Without Borders Oxford is part of an international development organisation that removes barriers to development through engineering and is part of a global movement to engineer a better future.

We aim to provide opportunities for members of the Oxford community to partake in research projects that tackle poverty using engineering. These projects span many different areas of engineering and we are always looking for new projects to run within the society.

Most importantly, you do not need to be an engineering student to be a part of EWBOx!


This Year's Projects



The aim of this project is to contribute to the growing need for cooling strategies in developing countries, such as India, where current solutions tend to be too expensive to implement, inefficient and further worsen the issue of overheating. While research is being done into the use of cleaner cooling solutions such as more efficient ACs, advanced cold chains, and sustainable building materials, it is also important to factor in cost and accessibility of materials.



The kinect is a line of motion sensing input devices produced by Microsoft and first released in 2010. It contains various cameras, including RGB, infrared detectors and a depth ( time of flight) camera. The aim for the device was home use/videogames but it has decreased in popularity for consumers. Its reduced price now though makes it a popular option for experimental projects.



The intersection of artificial intelligence and cultural preservation forms the crux of this groundbreaking initiative. The AI for Cultural Heritage project is uniquely positioned to safeguard Danzhai's endangered Batik Art while uplifting the community economically. By deploying a specialized machine learning model to augment local artisans' design capabilities, this project serves as a model for sustainable cultural and economic empowerment.

Satellite Dish

Would you like to support our efforts?




Improving rural water supply schemes in the

hilly areas of Nepal.

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