Bioengineering Project

The project aims to develop a novel approach to addressing the medical problem of urinary incontinence in children through a wearable real-time bladder monitoring device that can accurately alert patients of the need to urinate. 

Imagine being an 8 year old child that can’t go to their friends house for a sleepover because of the fear of embarrassment of wetting the bed. 


The problem of urinary incontinence costs families 8.4 billion pounds in the EU alone. Spontaneous urination affects 20% of children at 5 years old and can be persistent up to the age of 12. Incontinence in children causes both emotional and financial distress for patients and their families.


Current solutions include diapers which are expensive and are detrimental to the environment. Bedwetting alarms exist, but only alert the patient once urination has already commenced and cost approximately £700. Available medications cost the NHS £400 per patient per year, and they come with side effects. All these solutions do little to address the social anxiety caused by the problem.


Our solution aims to improve on the current failings in treatment by employing a comfortable, lower-cost, non-invasive means of diagnosing bladder fullness.

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2021/22 Team

Applications for this year's team will open in early Michaelmas 2021. More information will be sent on our newsletter.




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