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AI-Enhanced Revitalization of Cultural Heritage: Empowering Danzhai through Batik Art

By deploying a specialized machine learning model to augment local artisans' design capabilities, this project serves as a model for sustainable cultural and economic empowerment.

The intersection of artificial intelligence and cultural preservation forms the crux of this groundbreaking initiative. The AI for Cultural Heritage project is uniquely positioned to safeguard Danzhai's endangered Batik Art while uplifting the community economically. The initiative involves refining an Adapted Iterative Generative Context (AIGC) machine learning model with stable diffusion. A dataset meticulously prepared by local workshops will be used to fine-tune this model, which will then produce intricate Miao Batik Art designs to elevate local products.

Skills Needed from Team Members:

Python experience; interest in machine learning/AI; desired experience with machine learning frameworks

Meet the Team

Anupa Adikary

Machine Learning/AI 

Project Leader


2023/24 Team

Applications for this year's team will open in early Michaelmas 2023. More information will be sent on our newsletter.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please register your interest below:

Xisen Wang

Machine Learning/AI 

Project Leader

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