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Hi! I am Devang, a third-year engineering student at Somerville. To me, EWB represents the spirit of engineering – solving real-world problems using scientific knowledge and teamwork. My last two years at EWB have been extremely enriching, and I hope we can continue to have a meaningful impact on society whilst running projects that are fun and enriching for students who take part.

Hiya! My name is Daffodil and I'm a third-year engineer at Wadham. I'm very excited to be a part of EWB, a society that actively brings about positive social and educational change on our wider community - the true embodiment of engineering! In what promises to be our most challenging year yet (thanks, COVID) I'm determined to continue making this positive impact and hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

Hi! I'm Solace, a third-year Engineering student at St. Peter's. I am really excited to be a part of the EWBOx committee this year and to continue the great work we have already done. I love how EWBOx challenges me and enables me to use my skills to enact real change that positively impacts the world.


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