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Recycling Project

The aim of this project is to investigate either battery recycling or waste management, with particular focus on one food product.

The pursuit of a cleaner and more sustainable future has been seen as a vital endeavour by researchers for several decades. As public opinion has started to become increasingly aligned with the views of such researchers, businesses are quickly moving to adopt more sustainable practises, including better waste management techniques. This project will focus on two primary subtopics: battery recycling and food waste management. Each member of the team will focus on one of these two categories, carrying out detailed research to contribute to either: 


  1. A report discussing the battery recycling technique that will have the biggest positive impact if pursued in the future

  2. A proposal for an improved waste management policy for a local  organisation, with a particular focus on one food product


Both projects will be supported by DPhil supervisors, and throughout the project timeline, there will be several organised visits or seminars to give all members of the team a chance to widen their perspective of the project and explore each subject area in as much detail as they can.

Meet the Team


Recycling Project Leader

2022/23 Team

Applications for this year's team will open in early Michaelmas 2022. More information will be sent on our newsletter.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please register your interest below:

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