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Youth Outreach Project

Our program inspires the future generation of engineers through interactive, hands-on workshops where they learn how to design solutions for issues such as clean water and electricity shortages.

We work locally with schools in Oxfordshire, as well as internationally, particularly in rural India.


We offer STEM ambassador training to those passionate about sharing the importance of engineering to students.


One of EWBOx’s aims is to motivate underprivileged children interested in engineering and natural sciences to pursue university studies after finishing school.


In April 2019, a group of eight undergraduate and postgraduate students from Oxford travelled to rural Karnataka (south India) and worked for one week with around 200 school students. We believe that this is the most sustainable way of improving the overall economic situation in Indian villages. To achieve this, we offered a high-end, interactive teaching experience entirely free of charge, which resembles the costly summer schools offered in Oxford.

Our team had a lot of fun during our lessons, even though the temperatures during the day soared up to 45 degrees, with no electricity for fans or air conditioning available. The feedback from both sides (children in India and Oxford students) was positive throughout. It was therefore not only a very valuable experience for the Indian students, but also for the Oxford students, who got to know an entirely different culture, as well as a first-hand experience of the challenges that emerging countries are facing. 

We are currently in the process of recruiting Oxford students and applying for funding for the next trip which is planned to happen towards the beginning of next year. If you are interested, join our youth outreach team, or get in touch with us for more information.

A collection of photos and videos from our team's work in India in 2019.

Meet the Team

2020/21 Team

The project team is currently working on this project! We hope to achieve our goals by the end of Hilary Term 2021.

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Youth Outreach Leaders

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